To our readers: This website was established in 2008 and we wish it will help your job hunting or Write us to get a suggestion. Virtual Job Fair: 3,000 jobs posted

People are clicking their way to new careers like never before during the ongoing Virtual Job Fair.

"We're giving a hard time to our servers," Jean Nadeau, interim general manager of Brunswick News online operations, chuckles.

"We will, at least, exceed the number of visits compared to previous job fairs."

The job fair is held by the region's leading career website, in conjunction with the provincial Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.

The number of visits to the online job fair is up, but perhaps even more importantly, so is the number of jobs posted.

"We've already exceeded our target of 3,000 opportunities," Nadeau says. "We're well beyond that already."

To post a job or to find a job, simply log on to and click on the link which says New Brunswick's 10th Virtual Career Fair. It could hardly be easier.

You can peruse the jobs by location or by category, and there's special emphasis this year on student and entry-level positions. Entry-level for these purposes is defined as requiring experience of one year or less.

The sheer number of jobs available (the number changes quickly because jobs are constantly being posted) flies in the face of the economic slump hammering some job markets in other parts of the world and spells good news for anyone looking to start out in the workplace for the first time, who seeks a change of careers, who is a student looking for extra cash and for those seeking to return to New Brunswick to work.

It's been proven to be a valuable tool for firms looking to recruit new talent, not only from within the province but from other provinces and states, since the website is easily accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere.

The job fair ends tomorrow, however more postings are still being welcomed.

After tomorrow, you'll still find opportunities rolled over into the regular listings at

"It gives the opportunity for more eyeballs to see them."

In two or three weeks, surveys will be taken to see how many new jobs were snared by site visitors.

The job fair began Oct. 29 "and we are roughly at about 25 per cent to 30 per cent more visits," Nadeau says, "and we're still getting postings from employers."

As well, the number of employers taking part in the fair has jumped by about 20 per cent over the springtime edition of the virtual job fair.

It's good news all around, Nadeau says. He credits the fact that the fair is being heavily promoted and more rigidly targeted. For example, about 85 per cent of students should be aware of the job fair as the event has been keenly marketed to them. The site also features success stories from seven New Brunswickers who are either immigrants, repatriated former New Brunswickers and New Brunswickers who have decided to remain in the province, all key segments of the labour force the province is eager to expand. [James Foster Times & Transcript]

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