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Eluta: A Canadian Vertical Job Search Engine

Eluta is a search engine that specializes in just one thing: finding new job announcements at employers across Canada. Its goal is to create a searchable database of every new job opportunity in the nation.

As a vertical search engine, Eluta monitors new job announcements at tens of thousands of employers across Canada every day. Whenever an employer posts a new job on its website, Eluta adds the position to our searchable database. Once added, jobs on Eluta are searchable by keyword and location. An Advanced Search option lets you find new job announcements in other interesting ways, including by occupation and industry.

Eluta also lets you set up an email notification that alerts you as soon as new jobs matching your search are posted. You can also set up an RSS feed that tells you when new jobs matching your criteria are added.

Eluta's search results include trusted editorial information to help job-seekers evaluate the job announcements they find on our search engine, including:

  • a popup tooltip that quickly describes what each employer does;
  • a brief review that rates the recruiting programs at thousands of employers; and
  • a detailed review of working conditions at the very best employers, supplied by the editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers.

Objective and unbiased, these valuable editorial features are updated continuously to help you decide which job opportunities – and employers – are right for you.

Eluta also aims to harness the power of mathematics to make job searching easier. Because employers don't pay to be included in our search results, they can offer more relevant results and filter out commercial messages that aren't related to your search. Eluta also uses sophisticated mathematics to keep track of recruitment by individual employers, so they can tell you which employers offer good growth prospects and advancement opportunities.

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