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How To Build Labour Market Contacts and Networking in Canada

Newcomers may face challenges finding a job in Canada. Statistics Canada Government of Canada Site identifies four labour market challenges faced by newcomers to Canada:

1. Work Experience;
2. Labour Market Contacts and Networking;
3. Foreign Credential Recognition; and
4. Communication Skills.

Newcomers may have trouble finding out about jobs in the hidden job market because they do not have an established network of contacts.

Hidden Job Market

Due to time and cost considerations of advertising a job publicly (such as a newspaper job ad), many job vacancies are filled internally or informally. This creates what seems like a "hidden" job market. Information about available work is often circulated through managers, employees and business associates, as well as through family, friends and acquaintances.

Networking is the way to search for jobs in the Hidden Job Market.


In addition to job postings, many people search for work in Canada through networking. Networking tells people that you are looking for work.

Who Should be in My Network?

You may already have a network. Your network starts with the people closest to you—your family and friends. Your network can also include your acquaintances—people you know socially. Here are some people to consider:
  • Neighbours and family friends
  • Employers and co-workers
  • Club members
  • Teammates and classmates
  • Teachers and coaches
  • Community leaders
  • Librarians
Good networkers are people who share in the lives of others by giving and receiving information, advice, support and commitment. [Source: Working in Canada]

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