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The National Job Fair & Training Expo-Toronto

Held twice a year in Toronto, the National Job Fair & Training Expo is more than a chance to spread your resume around. By providing workshops and seminars alongside the potential employers, these events offer a great opportunity to consider all your career options while improving your job hunting skills.

Dates and Times:

Although each edition of the National Job Fair & Training Expo can be a bit different, the following information usually applies:

  • They are held once in September and once in April
  • They are two-day events that fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Doors are open from 10am to 7pm both days
For details on the next event you can visit the National Job Fair website or start keeping an eye on local papers in August and March, as the events are heavily advertised (especially in The Toronto Sun, one of the major sponsors).

A Few Tips:

If you're considering attending the next National Job Fair & Training Expo, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check if your ideal employment sector is represented
    If you have a career path in mind or are only interested in jobs within a certain industry, check the list of exhibitors on the Expo's website. Not all sectors are well-represented at every event.

  • Know that the "national" part of the title is serious
    Although many of the hiring companies are looking for Toronto staff, others will only be interested in you if you're willing to relocate.

  • Look for any workshops or seminars that interest you
    And plan around them. Topics are usually only covered once a day and some only once during the entire expo. If sign-up is required, be sure to go early.[Source:]

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