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Newfoundland: Company hoping to lure IT professionals back to province

Dwayne Young, human resources manager at Infotech, says it's difficult to find skilled information technology employees to hire for his company in St. John's.

Infotech held an open house and career fair at the Battery Hotel on Monday in hopes of attracting potential employees.

"We've been doing a lot of recruiting over the past few months and we're having a hard time filling certain roles," said Young.

"With the way the economy's going and IT in general, we're fighting with a lot of other companies for resources. So what we're probably going to do in future is to go out of province to try to bring IT professionals back."

With Newfoundland's growing economy and IT industry, Young said he hopes people will consider moving back to the province to work, like he did after working in New Brunswick for several years.

Infotech's recruiting efforts in the rest of the country will likely be concentrated in Atlantic Canada and the west, Young said.

"We're probably going to do a road trip to bring people back, or even just spread the word that things are sharp back here. I think it's more than just us, there are other IT companies that are feeling the pain," he said.

"From my experience meeting with the other human resources managers and recruiters is that we're all fighting for the same little pool of resources."

Currently the company that does website design, application and software development and internal and external portals is hiring for five positions, and looking to grow by 10 or 15 people in the next six months.

The job openings now are for a project manager, business analyst, SharePoint solution architect, SharePoint developer, and technical sales.

Young said they had already done a number of pre-screening interviews with potential employees early on in the event.

"We're growing and we're building and we're trying to explore new avenues to go as well. We're a pretty agile company, and that gives us a little bit of an edge in Newfoundland," he said. [NADYA BELL The Telegram]

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