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Useful Tips For Finding Work In An Economic Downturn In Canada

Don't put it off. There will be jobs but they may take longer to find, pros say. So if you're graduating this spring, don't wait: Start looking for work now. Take advantage of on-campus career centres and job fairs.

Show off your skills. Especially those that might be important to a dimming economy. Customer service and the ability to communicate well are two particular attributes that are needed in tougher times, pros say.

Broaden your search. Look beyond your field to other industries where jobs may be more plentiful and your skills and credentials can apply.

Be willing to relocate. Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia continue to be hot markets.

Be flexible. Aside from work in industries you may not have initially considered or being ready to move, also be prepared to accept a lower-than-anticipated salary or a lower-level entry job.

Put your best foot forward. In a competitive job market, those who present best win. A polished résumé, well-crafted cover letter and clear, concise elevator pitch on your skills and experience can get you in the door.

Be more accepting. Multiple offers of the past may not pour in; you may want to take what comes your way first rather than wait for a better offer. [Source: The Global and Mail]

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