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Canada Job Shortages and Beyond 2006-2015

A 10-Year Outlook for the Canadian Labour Market (2006-2015): According to a report by HRSDC, there are currently labour shortages in several occupations, at the national level. These occupations have employment and wages increasing substantially faster than in other occupations. Occupations facing labour shortages also have unemployment markedly lower relative to historic norms for these occupations, and relative to other occupations.

Most of the occupations that are currently facing shortage pressures at the national level are expected to remain in that situation over the next ten years, as the projections show more job openings than new job seekers in those occupations over that period (see Table 1). For instance, new health are needs due to population ageing will contribute to increase demand for several health care occupations to levels markedly higher than can be met by current projected supply. Shortage pressures are also expected to continue for oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers due to the large tar sands development projects in Alberta.

However, a few occupations currently facing shortage pressures are expected to move towards a situation where labour demand and labour supply are more in balance. These include occupations in the residential construction and real estate sectors, due to an anticipated lowdown in residential investment after the recent, now-peaked, boom.

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Source: HRSDC, Strategic Policy Research Directorate, Looking-Ahead: A 10-Year Outlook for the Canadian Labour Market (2006-2015), October 2006.

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