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SaskJobs Visits Explode to Reach 4 Million Mark

Sparked by a strong provincial economy and a surge in interest following marketing activities in Ontario, has reached 4 million annual visitors for the first time in its history. This compares to 3.3 million for all of 2007.

"The success of the SaskJobs website has also translated into real results for Saskatchewan employers," Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Minister Rob Norris said. "In just 10 weeks, 40 skilled workers, along with their families, have moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan as a direct result of our activities at the National Job Fair - and we fully expect more to join them."

The record number for SaskJobs includes more than 1.2 million visits to the site since the National Job Fair in Toronto - for an average of 13,300 per day. This represents a 25 per cent increase over the average daily number of visits prior to the job fair. Of note, the average daily visits from Ontario are up a remarkable 285 per cent since the job fair.

Other key statistics for the year to date include (previous year results in brackets):

• Outside Canada: 184,000 (92,000)
• Ontario: 233,000 (100,000)
• Job Vacancies Posted: 188,000 (113,000)

"Given our hard work to tell the Saskatchewan story, it's not surprising that those opportunities are catching the eyes of job seekers from across Canada and around the world," Norris said.

[Source: Government of Saskatchewan]


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