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Canadian Job Bank Directory Offers Hidden Job Resources for Immig

Toronto, Canada, August 03, 2009 --( the past year hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs in Canada, but with the job market beginning to turn around it is
important for those seeking work to be able to find newly posted jobs and submit resumes as soon as a position becomes available. Online job sites have become the number one resource for job seekers. Sites that have long been established know how and where to locate the latest open positions and have relationships with employers often offer the most opportunity listings. One site,, was founded by a Canadian immigrant who came to Canada in 2002 and struggled to find work. In 2003 he launched his website with the purpose of helping other immigrants and job seekers in Canada find work.

According to Manish Patel, the founder of , “We have nearly half million job seekers who use the site each year. At present moment we have over 15,000 job sites in addition to dozens of other career resources such as job fair listings, resume guides and career training information.”’s vast resources allows users to search jobs that have been posted during that day, by type of occupation as well as by location. “The site was intended to be a resource for immigrants that are looking for work in Canada and need information that will help them gain careers in their chosen field.

Information such as how to write a resume for your industry and hundreds of articles with tips and tricks on interviewing, applying for jobs and more are also available on the site. What’s more is that the site not only supports immigrants who may be seeking temporary survival positions, but it also offers thousands of job resources for users on the site which have higher educations, such as professional degrees, and come to the site to find the latest jobs in their specialty,” stated Founder Manish Patel. is one of eight job listing websites operated by Mr.Patel. Each site focuses on specific locations including Toronto, Alberta, Vancouver, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatoon with the exception of Job Post Canada which offers job resources from all over the country.

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