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Destination Canada job fair

from France and Belgium where he met hundreds of people during the
Destination Canada job fair, Mathieu Arsenault is confident his
promotional efforts there encouraged some to eventually settle on
Prince Edward Island.

His mission was fairly simple: speak about P.E.I. and what it has to
offer in order to entice job fair participants to move here. The
economic development officer for RD√ČE Prince Edward Island was invited
to attend the fair by the provincial government.

He noticed a healthy level of interest in P.E.I., especially among
those who wanted to settle down in small communities, close to the sea.
Many of them had families; most spoke several languages.

"It was a very positive and beneficial experience," concluded Arsenault.

The Destination Canada fair made a first stop in Paris, France, then
made its way to Brussels, Belgium. A total of 500 people were
pre-selected each day to attend the fair; it was only open to people
who are seriously considering moving to Canada.

Twice a day, each of the 10 participating provinces and two
participating territories gave a three-minute presentation. Then,
fair-goers could circulate among the booths to learn more about the
provinces that interested them.

The P.E.I. kiosk focused primarily on education and the employment opportunities that exist in this field.

Arsenault estimates that each day of the fair, he and Nancy DesRosiers
from the P.E.I. Department of Education had a chance to chat about the
Island with about 100 visitors. Among these were experienced teachers,
nurses and aeronautics engineers, as well as others with various areas
of expertise.

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