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Career Day and Job Fair at the Canada Aviation Museum

As a follow-on to the successful raising of Canadian awareness of the importance of aviation during 2009, several of the organizations involved in the centennial celebrations, including the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC), have decided to maintain that momentum by celebrating National Aviation Day, as proclaimed by the Minister of Transport, on February 23. At the conclusion of his message, Mr. Baird stated:

"This yearly celebration will allow us to remember our past achievements and help chart the course of Canada's aviation and aerospace futures."

In line with this statement, we jointly decided that the February 23, 2010 event should be youth and career-oriented. To that end, the Canada Aviation Museum, in collaboration with the Department of Transport and others involved in the newly-named Canadian Air and Space Network, will be putting on a Career Day and Job Fair on the 23rd. We are in the process of lining up participants both from the side of school boards, colleges and other educational institutions, on the one hand, and the various employers in the widely-defined aviation and space community in Canada. Initial response from all sides has been very positive.

The Museum has already been in touch with a number of leading aerospace companies in the broadly-defined aviation and space field, post-secondary educational institutions and government agencies. The Museum has a growing number of commitments in hand for the provision of a manned booth, information materials and, in some cases, speakers. Broader participation from all CAMC members wishing to increase student awareness of their activities would be welcome, even if it is limited to the provision of information material. Members located in other regions of the country should be aware that aviation and space museums across Canada are being encouraged by their national association, the Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association, to put on similar events.

The Museum is planning a series of events and presentations throughout the day on February 23. It is expected that the Minister of Transport will speak in the morning and the Director General of Civil Aviation will speak later in the day along with other representatives of both the aviation and space sectors. The program should garner significant media interest.

Any CAMC members wishing to obtain additional information about the Career Day and Job Fair at the Canada Aviation Museum on National Aviation Day, February 23, should get in touch with the Museum's manager of the event, Marc Ducharme, who can be reached by e-mail at mducharme@technomuses.caThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone at 613-990-8974.

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