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How to use resume distribution service

Resume distribution service is such a service by which a service provider emails your resume to hundreds or thousands of recruiters, job boards and employers at once. Obviously it saves you time and efforts on seeking a job. In particular, it helps a lot when you don't know where your potential employers are.

However you have to pay for such service, normally around 30-50 dollars. Fortunately, past experiences have shown it's worth it.

For fresh graduates, you may choose to send as many as possible resumes to recruiters, job boards or employers. For experienced people, it's better to choose targeted resume distribution service, for instance, specific location or industry, certain type of  position or level of salary.

Generally speaking, when you decide a resume distribution service provider, the following factors must be considered.

How big is the size of recruiter database?

Do they provide status report on emails sent?

Do you keep confidentiality for you and how do they guarantee that?

Is their system easy to use? Is their customer service good enough?

How about their website design, easy to navigate?

How is their reputation in the market?

Of course, is their price reasonable?

Before make your decision, ask them questions and do some research on it, choose the one suits you best.

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