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Workopolis ushers in The Talent Hunt Decade with The Top 10 Rules

Toronto, ON – May 10, 2010 – Tomorrow Workopolis will be revealing new polling results from human resources professionals as well as job candidates, showing that candidates are increasingly finding themselves back in the driver’s seat when it comes to employment opportunities.  To help recruiters embrace their new roles as marketers, and candidates take advantage of the employment market shift, Workopolis shares the new rules of engagement.

The Workopolis Top 10 New Rules for the Talent Hunt 

The New Rules for Employers:

1. HR needs to embrace marketing.
Changing demographics and impending labour shortages mean that competition for top talent is only going to get fiercer.  Increasingly candidates are in the power position and employers have to find ways to truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  Marketing best practices have come to the world of human resources so that employers can extend their reach, engage candidates and match their needs with what they have to offer

2. There is a difference between a commercial brand and an employer brand: employers need to ensure that potential candidates know the difference.
Candidate’s initial impressions of a company are established as potential consumers or users of your products or services.  But an employer brand incorporates additional elements that show a potential candidate what it could be like to work at a company.

3. Hire a person.  Not a resume.
Resumes are only one tool in modern recruiting.  It is critical for employers to get to the real person behind the resume and understand how they will fit into culture and roles.  New assessment and profile tools are evolving, but the best strategy is one that involves less time with unqualified candidates and more time interviewing potentially qualified candidates.  Ensuring an employer brand is speaking to the right audience is more than half the battle..

4. It’s a more complicated world to recruit in. 
HR specialists have many more options and finding the right course to take is becoming increasingly difficult and costly in terms of time.  The best solution is one which connects employers with the largest pool of qualified candidates in Canada in one easy step.

5. In a competitive world for qualified candidates, getting it wrong can be costly.
Hiring the wrong person will cost you 2.5 times that person’s salary.*Smart hiring is directly connected to the bottom-line.   Most organizations’ most valuable assets are its human capital that walks out the door every night.  And the wrong hire has tangible business impacts because of the disruption, false starts, and additional work created.  If you have to get it right, do it right from the start.

The New Rules for Candidates:

1. If you have skills or experience, you’ll be doing the interviewing - not the employer.
Current demographics and labour shortages mean that if you’re a solid candidate you’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding a job you are truly passionate about. The challenge may be choosing the right car to get you to where you want to be.  Insist on getting the inside view of what the employer would be like to work for so that it matches with the attributes you are looking for.

2. Candidates know what they want to hear, employers need to figure it out. 
See beyond the job posting to find a place where you can really thrive and shine – a combination of elements like company culture, career advancement opportunities and compensation.  Find the right match for you.

3. Build it properly, and they will come. 
Don’t hide behind your resume.  Use it to help showcase your best qualities so that potential employers can help find you quickly and easily.  But also find the companies that attract you, establish a relationship, and explore opportunities together.

4. Like pro athletes, you can be a free agent.
Under the right circumstances, you owe it to yourself to be a window shopper for evolving opportunities.  Keep your eye on the marketplace.  Track employers of interest, scan jobs in your field or in your field of dreams.  You never know when opportunity will knock.    

5. Fulfillment is the new corner office.
Employers are recognizing that employee happiness (and productivity) is a result of fulfillment on the job.  That sense of engagement, enjoyment and achievement.  Do you feel like you shine in your current job?  You deserve it.

* Source: Society of HR Management 2007

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