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Canadian Virtual Career Fair Hosted by in April 2011 today announced its first-ever Canadian Virtual Career Fair. The fair will take place April 11 to 17 and will be accessible to any job seeker with a resume and an internet connection.

"Monster's new Virtual Career Fair is the way of the future for many job seekers and employers. It's an instant gateway to an entire world of current job and career opportunities. Monster has just raised the bar on recruiting and job seeking to a new level of convenience and practicality," said Monster Canada senior vice-president of international sales and general manager Peter Gilfillan. "The Virtual Career Fair is accessible to everyone, everywhere at the same time, including after regular business hours."

The Virtual Career Fair helps to overcome some of the challenges traditional career fairs present for employers and job seekers. For example:

* Large national employers looking to hire for multiple locations across the country can spend a great deal of money exhibiting at career fairs in several markets and may still not be able to recruit all of the staff they need.
* Job seekers outside major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, rarely get the chance to attend job fairs because they don't come to their towns.
* There are also many passive job seekers who can't take time off work to attend a job fair.

To help job seekers prepare for the Virtual Career Fair, Monster recommends:

* Make sure your resume is up to date. This is what employers at the Career Fair will see first when they search for job seekers. Proofread carefully and highlight your top accomplishments clearly. No need for a cover letter here.

* Take the Compatibility Test to see which employers to focus on. It's tempting to apply to every employer at the Career Fair but the Compatibility Test shows you which of these employers you have the best fit with. These are the ones you should be researching and targeting most.

* Research each employer before making contact. Visit the booth of every employer that you're targeting. Learn about their history, corporate culture and needs. Use this knowledge if you choose to contact them at the Fair. Remember to think about answers to job interview questions that would apply to the positions they have available.

* Visit the booth first. Read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to learn more about the Virtual Career Fair and how to make the best use of your time as a participant. offers advice to job seekers planning to attend the career fair in its article How to Get Noticed at the Virtual Career Fair. Top tip: submit your resume early because employers will start checking their in-boxes as soon as the fair begins.

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Tips for attending an online career fair

A virtual career fair is quite similar to a traditional career fair, with a few important twists, including being accessible to all Canadians with an internet connection, no matter where they live or when they log on. The Virtual Career Fair runs April 11 through April 17, 2011. Monster career expert Mark Swartz offers these tips to job seekers attending the fair.

* Unlike an in-person career fair, you can spread out your job search activities over several days, instead of trying to jam in everything into a single eight- hour period. This gives you more time to approach your preferred employers properly. It also lets you follow up with targeted questions and customized thank you letters while the Virtual Job Fair is still operating.

* Don't get discouraged if you try to contact an employer directly but find they're currently busy. Each employer will devote its own people to answer your e-mails or do Skype Video Chat with you. They'll handle all inquiries as soon as their resources permit. Be sure to leave them an e-mail saying you're eager to connect with them. Include your phone number in case they want to actually speak with you.

* Watch your e-mail or Skype account regularly during the course of the Virtual Job Fair. Employers may try to get in touch with you at any point either during (or within several weeks after) the event. Similarly, check your e-mail account for Junk Mail on occasion in case an employer message somehow manages to end up there.

* At a regular career fair, waiting in line is often down time. But at the Virtual Fair you can use your time between connecting with employers more productively. Visit the booth of each employer you plan to contact next. Research them carefully and jot down notes you can use when you make contact.

* Keep in mind that with Skype Video Chat there is no actual audio connection: you won't be using your voice. Instead you and the employer will be able to see each other, but you'll be communicating via keyboard. So practice ahead of time. Record yourself with your webcam as if you were in an actual "conversation" with an employer at the Fair. Watch that you maintain eye contact with the camera, and that the lighting makes you look good. Try to minimize sudden, jerky movements. Take your time when typing to reduce errors.

* As for stage managing, be sure that there is nothing behind you (within camera range) that could be distracting, or that might give a negative impression. If you wear glasses, sit where the glare of overhead lighting doesn't bounce into the camera. And if you really want to stage things to the extreme, have a bookcase behind you filled with titles of popular books in your field, with their front covers facing out. Makes you look like you're really up to speed.

To register for the Virtual Job Fair, job seekers can visit:

Employers interested in participating in the Fair can visit:

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