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Ontario's clean energy economy creates 5,000 new jobs

Ontario's clean energy economy continues to grow, creating 5,000 new jobs.

Through Ontario's clean energy Feed-in Tariff program, 25 new large-scale renewable energy projects - solar and wind - will provide enough electricity to power more than 280,000 homes or a community the size of Windsor each year. These projects will also help attract approximately $3 billion in new private-sector investment to the province.

These projects will be brought online through the Bruce to Milton reinforcement project, Ontario's largest transmission project in 20 years. The projects will be located in Southwestern Ontario along the Bruce to Milton transmission line, including Tiverton, Woodstock, Strathroy, Seaforth, Paisley and Zurich. So far, more than 2,000 mid-size and large-scale Feed-in Tariff projects have been announced, representing enough electricity each year to power about 900,000 homes.

Ontario is replacing dirty, coal-fired plants with clean, renewable energy like water, wind, solar and bio-energy. This is part of the McGuinty government's plan to keep costs down for families today, while building a clean, modern and reliable electricity system for tomorrow.

Ontario's Green Energy Act is on track to create 50,000 clean energy jobs by the end of 2012. As a result of our actions, over 13,000 jobs have already been created.


    * The FIT contract offers consist of 14 wind projects in the Bruce area totalling 750 megawatts (MW). In the area west of London there are five wind projects totalling 268.4 MW and six solar wind projects totalling 27.5 MW.
    * Thousands of Ontarians are participating in the microFIT program, with over 10,000 projects already connected or ready to connect.
    * At peak construction, 450 people will be working on the Bruce to Milton transmission project.
    * Since 2009, more than 30 businesses have announced they are setting up or expanding plants in Ontario to manufacture parts for the solar and wind industries.

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