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The 2013 Fall National Job Fair & Training Expo

The 2013 Fall National Job Fair & Training Expo will be held on September 24 and 25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, a central location that is accessible to as many individuals as possible from the Greater Toronto Area and outlying regions.

This will be the 23rd edition of National Job Fair & Training Expo. It is expected to showcase 140 to 150 booths from 130 to 140 companies to meet with access to thousands of employment and career opportunities.

More than 500 recruiters, career specialists and admission officers will offer jobs or will help you to find one through hiring companies, employment and career services, career training and education programs.

Exhibitors will come from the GTA, other regions in Ontario such as Sarnia/Lambton, from other provinces such as Saskatchewan, Alberta and Quebec. There will be work and study abroad opportunities in several countries too!

The National Job Fair & Training Expo is the leading job/career fair in Ontario with unparalleled track record and with absolutely no comparison in the field in terms of participation (exhibitors and visitors). This flagship event is open to the general public interested in employment, training & education, entrepreneurship and career development.

Since 2002, The National Job Fair & Training Expo welcomed 218,100 visitors, an outstanding highlight in the recruitment event industry in Ontario, so it is no coincidence that our job/career fair is synonymous with leadership, credibility and effectiveness.

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